Sunday, January 25, 2015

Notice of meeting: Wednesday 28th January - Trainees' night

The first WoSPG meeting of 2015 will be on Wednesday 28th January.  The evening has been coordinated by Dr Dan Govenden who is the current Pain Fellow in Glasgow. 

The speakers for this evening are; Dr Gillian Wright (ST6 in Palliative Care Medicine) presenting 'An update on Chronic Pain in Palliative Care', Dr Peter Paisley (ST4 Anaesthetics) presenting on 'Opioids and Addiction' and Dr Hameed registrar in rehabilitative medicine presenting on 'Rehabilitation of Amputees'. 

The meeting will  take place in the Ebenezer Duncan Centre, at the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow.  The presentations start at 7pm and a delicious hot buffet is available from 6pm.