Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The joint meeting at Lang's hotel was a great success, despite the train strike and the football....thanks to all who made the effort to come.

The last remaining meeting for this academic year is the AGM, which will be on wednesday 9th may, at 7.30pm.
Just like last year, we'll hold the AGM in a nice Glasgow pub, moving on to a pleasant restaurant for something to eat once the business has concluded. A most agreeable way to spend an evening, I'm sure you'll agree. Although last year the only people who turned up were the committee themselves.

Hopefully this year turnout will be better, because the current committee, having served their 3 years, are planning to step down after the AGM. This means we need to find a new treasurer, secretary and chairman (although I might stay on as chairman for the sake of continuity between committees....). It could be you! The committee posts are open to anyone who regularly attends the meetings. This is your chance to influence the direction the group takes, organise talks you think will be interesting, etc etc.

Please e-mail me if you're interested in attending the AGM, and I'll arrange a venue based on how many will be attending.

Lars Williams